Podcast Show 18 - Heating Bill Savers: This week we talk about how to quickly shave some cost off your heating bill, the weather in North Carolina, and why a tank of premium is better than your utility bill

Podcast Show 17 - Heating Controls: This time we talk about Heating controls. How to use them and how they save energy. Also, Comedy is better than your utility bill.

Podcast Show 16 - Utility Bill Workout: This week we play with your utility bill to determining how much using nothing costs. Also, how much more using more costs and Why Kettle bells are better than your utility bill.

Podcast Show 15 - Unconscious Usage: Talking about finding savings in new construction by looking for Unconscious Usage or uncontrolled usage. Apple Cider Donuts are better than you energy bill and we talk the weather in London and Greece.

Podcast Show 14 - Comprimises: Many names for giving up on what you really wanted to do. Value engineering, First cost sensitive, or cheaping out. Trying to save a few bucks at the start, can cost you more every day after that. A quick chat of what to look for, to find savings in newer buildings.

Podcast Show 13 - Bandaids:  This episode talks about how repairs or fixes can increase energy usage. This is a common source of savings in newer construction. Quick talk about the weather data of Boston and Seattle. Also, cheesecake is better than your utility bill.


Podcast Show 12 - Wall How to Air Seal: This Podcast is a How to Air seal exterior walls. Thoughts, tools, processes and yawns included. If you are working on a project where you are opening an exterior wall, this is how to air seal it to increase insulation value, decrease the infiltration and save some dollars on the utility bill as a result.


Podcast Show 11 - Air Systems: Podcast about energy efficiency. This one features some weather data of locations that listen to the podcast. Talking about air system optimization for heating and cooling.

Podcast Show 09 - Insulation: Lets Talk about Insulation and adding it to your house. This is a good brief talk on Insulation. More than the Typical Big Box home improvement employee could tell you. This way you will have some idea where to start. After you do that sheet first.

Podcast Show 08 - Windows: Podcast in a foreign land. Talking about windows and efficiency while on vacation. AE Drinking Game: Drink every time I clear my throat or play an inadvertent sound through the board and you wont remember the end.

Podcast Show 07 - NOAA Weather Data:  Talking about a report about a study done on NOAA weather stations.  Understanding these changes might help you understand why NOAA weather data is reporting mild temperature increases in North America.

Podcast Show 6 - The Jevons Paradox: Jevons paradox is the common reason why energy efficiency improvements so "save" what they were supposed to save.  

Podcast Show 5 - Utility Bills: Podcast about very basic way of bench marking (comparing you to everyone else).  Very simple way of defining utility costs for heating, cooling, and everything else.  Great way to start understanding your utility costs.

Podcast Show 03 - Saving Gas Money: A prerequisite before improving gas mileage.  First find out if you are wasting miles.

Podcast Show 1 - Showers: Understanding how regular life activities use energy.  First, showers are fairly cheap. Second, find out how to shave a few buck off you bill by adjusting showers.