Adding Energy provides means of establishing a baseline for residential energy usage.  These are accomplished by Home Energy Evaluations, or by Utility Bill Check up.


Home Energy Evaluations are a walk through inspection report.  They begin with a home walk through that rates the energy efficiency of the house's heating, cooling, appliances, lighting, and envelope.  All observed aspects are rated on a scale from 1 to 5, with notes or suggestions for improvements.

These energy evaluations can be used to help identify likely causes of high utility costs, assess a house before purchase or sale, or if just planning upgrades or renovations.  These inspections are non-destructive, but may involve opening an attic access or switch plate cover. 


Utility Bill Checkups are created from 12 months of utility bills.  These report cards help to quantify the amount of energy dollars that are spent on heating, cooling, and powering us.  The check-up is also to see if your total costs are more or less than similar size homes.  Once your energy costs are divided up by usage, you can target improvements to the largest cost usages to get the most cost savings for your improvement dollars.

For a DIY version of the Utility Bill Checkup listen to our podcast discussing utility bills here.

Utility Bill Checkup is under development and will soon be available for purchase as an app.

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